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Where does sales fit in project management?

Trudy Robinson - Tuesday, March 01, 2011
I was asked today how I sway someone's opinion, what it is that I 'do' to get people to agree to a common goal within a project.  It is often really difficult, project management is significantly about political management and/or communication.

So... where does sales fit.

Well, if you were going in to purchase a TV, the sales person would ask all the questions at the beginning... how much you wanted to spend, what you expected for that $$, what your priorities were etc etc.   Then, after providing you with a fantastic deal where you feel really special because the sales person has provided a deal better than what anyone else would get, you spend your total buget but get what, or more than what, you expected - you have no obstacles.  You have no reason to say no.  This person has provided you everything you asked for and you feel heard and understood... that is the art of a good sales person.

So it is in project management.  The scope, project planning, documentation, governance, project initiation documents etc etc - it is all setting the right expectation.  It involves asking alot of questions, understanding what someone wants.  Then, once they're heard and documented and planned down to the 'nth degree - the project delivers, the stakeholders are happy and you get the tick of approval from meeting stakeholder expectations.

So alot of project management is about sales... setting the expectation and meeting the expectation.

.... even though I don't believe that the customer is always right.

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Flooring is one the most important finishing product in interior designing of a place. It has to be selected very carefully keeping in view all the aspects of the environment for which you are selecting a certain type of flooring. Plenty of options are present in the market but among them the best option you can avail is of hardwood flooring
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It's just an excuse. I can just think back to this time period and know I'll get through myred bottoms hunger. I will not keel over, Yoga is a unique planetary red bottom shoes position and combination of planets that produce a specific result and make great effects in its mac cosmetics native's life. In Vedic astrology, there are several yogas which are considered very auspicious and play a very effective role to raise the fortune of its native. One who is born in such yogas, lead semi dresses a luxurious, enjoyable, successful and happiest life.

Many young adults and teens dream of owning luxury cars and some even have posters put up in their rooms to reflect this. When you are a teenager driving, and when you semi dresses get behind the wheel for the mac cosmetics first time, you are hooked. Many adults have the same feeling mac makeup about some of the cars that they have driven in the past and still own today.

The most interesting thing is that as the time passes, a dog starts getting used tohere please its clothes and it starts to like it. If you have just dressed up a dog and it stays calm it means it like the clothes and it feels comfortable in it. If it starts shifting around, gets nervous, tries to get rid of the clothes or, vice versa, stands still louboutin outlet in one spot - it means the clothes bothers it and you need to find something more comfortable,

This is what online guides, as mentioned above, are for.louboutin outlet The opportunity to spend the rest of your years in a locale where there are more positives than negatives is a big luxury at any point in time for anyone. You will have a chance to compare prices, facilities and floor plans between the homes you may have had an eye for in the recent past.

Franco Frattini, the Foreign Minister of Italy, which is Libya biggest trading partner and closest European neighbor, said onlouboutin daffodile pumps March 27 that he favored a passage out of Libya for Gaddafi and his family, possibly arranged by the African Union, of which Libya is a member. have all said they would like to see Gaddafi tried for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court louboutin outlet in the fashion dresses Hague. That would require an indictment from the court prosecutor, which could come as soon as May, since investigators have already begun collating evidence
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