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What is Governance?

Trudy Robinson - Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Searching via sir Google fomds a whole miriad of 'governance' clarifications, but what does this mean for a real, hands on project.

Governance is all about pre-determining what and how you will do things.  So, if your project management methodology is Project Management by Knitting Pattern - it is predefining what the Knitting Pattern means, what is included, who will do what and when.  It is then ensuring the Project Management Knitting Pattern method is approved by the appropriate management level.
Then each project must comply with governance by making sure all the predefined steps are followed, checked, documented and signed off.

That's governance.  It's not saying that any method is better than another.  It's about saying we have decided on this standard, and here is our evidence that we abide by it.  In essence in means that there is a whole bunch of planning and documentation and evidence steps throughout the process.  It's painful and lots of people hate it - and those people think that project managers do nothing but attend meetings.

But, it's for a reason, and very valid reason.

So, try and get away with if you dare - but it will be your undoing.

Have a great day
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