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Projects are Change

Trudy Robinson - Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Love it or hate it, projects are all about change.  The design, approval, implementation and rollout of something that will change.  It may be that a building is where it wasn't, or new software replaces old, or a new process changes how something is maintained.  So, because this is all about change - you can guarantee there will be angst.  Someone won't want it, or won't like it, or won't want to do it.  They may be forced to do something they would rather not do or to put up with something they'd rather not have.

So, a significant part of being a good project manager is to be able to see this before it becomes an issue for the project.  Sometimes it is about giving that person the opportunity to vent and be heard - then for them to see that their angst has some result.  It may be that they are concerned that their personnel can't cope with the project changes during BAU (business as usual) demands.  So - this being included in the risk register and being tabled to management, considered and planned for will ease the angst, and ease the pathway for successful resolution.

If there is angst, it is usually because someone needs a hearing.  It may or may not be valid from your perspective, but it's valid from theirs.  So, grant them that hearing, give them credibility in their experience and it'll go a long way towards them championing the change rather than obstructing it.

Happy days
regards Trudy
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