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Project Skills in Christchurch

Trudy Robinson - Tuesday, September 07, 2010
I'm in Christchurch amongst the mahem.  There are many areas which are a disaster, but many more areas which are fortunate enough to be unscathed.  The management of this event is amazing.  As is said on the media, "they" have been planning for such an event for along time - they just thought it would be Wellington.  The ability to crisis manage such a project would very much be down to risk analysis and issue identification from similar disasters around the world.  The difference is that the earthquake belt in NZ is well acknowledged so building specifications very much recognise the need for structural integrity.  A quake this magnitude and subsequent tremors would devestate other countries and have millions homeless and many dead.  So much damage to infrastructure, homes and many heart wrenching stories - I hope they do the best ever lessons learned exercise - it would be invaluable. 
toodles Trudy
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