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BSB41507 Certificate iv in project management

Trudy Robinson - Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Southbank have offered me a casual teaching role.  Three (3) hours one night paid per week and that's to have face to face contact, mark all assignments, create the curriculum, create the content and give feedback/guidance to a class of 24.  They're kidding themselves quite alot - however it gives me the opportunity to verify many of the tools and resources that I already have.  So, it'll be an interesting exercise.  I'll be spending alot of time focussing on project management content rather than information governance for a while.

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asserieweri commented on 12-Jan-2013 01:25 PM
These will make many cuts todayWell, this should be a outrageous day. And for about

700 players, such a, really sad day. It's Cut-Down Day. If NFL teams go from 75 people

on their roster to 53 by 8 p. m. Middle. Coaches take a bunch of guys that have worked

insanely hard for their dreams and tell them it wasn't worth it. It sucks all around.

And then, when guys think they've made it, teams trade for a few more guys, and they

get cut, anyway. It's not necessarily [url=]cheap uniforms

[/url]even bittersweet... it's just bitter.“It’s one of the worst days that we have

as players and coaches in this league," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "Maybe more

[url=]Wholesale uniforms[/url] than anything we want to thank

them for the effort.”There are so many factors, including special teams, and guys

[url=]uniforms online[/url]still get left wondering what

happened. Often, it can seem like there is no rhyme or reason, though there actually

is. As Patriots coach Bill Belichick said, "We’d like to keep more [url=http://buy-]Wholesale uniforms[/url] than 53," but obviously that's not reality.So,

that's what's going on today. And we'll have all the coverage of the worst day of many

players lives on Well, there will be [url=]cheap

guys making teams, too, which is obviously nice. Just not enough to get on the

crappiness. Of course, when it's all reported and done, it also [url=http://buy-]uniforms online[/url]means it's pretty much time to play football. So...

there's that. Which is awesome.HERE IS OUR TRACKER ON NFL.COM.

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