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Project Management Training (Cert IV to Dip)

The following testimonials relate specifically to training and qualification with regard to the topic of Project Management.



 ... I have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your class – you and Rod have been terrific individually and sensational as a team. Most importantly I really feel as though I’ve learned and developed personally. 

 All the best  Liam

Liam, we'll all miss your dry sense of humour.  Great to have had you in class.  I'm looking forward to stories of greatness!

Ah... thanks Bec, I'm not sure about the orangutan though (are you trying to tell me something?)



Dear Trudy

Thanks for all the knowledge you've imparted and the patience you've extended during our course work.
It's been fun learning Project Management with you and I'm going to try to implement it. 
Work/family permitting I'll still pursue with Diploma or Advance Diploma of Project Management if not this year, hopefully next year.

More power to you and Rod.  Cert IV Project Management rocks ; )

Best regards,


Thank you for your assistance and instruction over the duration of this course. Project Management can be a dry subject.
Your practical approach and delivery, combined with an easy going and friendly manner, ensured that I enjoyed the course much more than I thought I would.

Chuck J Smith

Hey Chuckles, glad the competition went well!  Hope the use of this for your assignments was of benefit!


I've just been offered, and accepted, an AO4 QLD Health Project Officer role - I'm so SO over the moon !!!
Its a new role in my current dp. ... which I ADORE, working in fantastic team! and I will be starting Monday
So thought I'd let you know because you're both partly to blame as to why I've got this fantastic opportunity
and boost in my career.
You're both very inspiring tutors and I'm VERY grateful for your effort in helping me gain my experience and
education towards Project Management and I wish you both the best of luck in the future.
I'm off to conquer the world now :)
Thanks Jessica

Completing the Cert IV in Project Management has been a great learning experience for me.  Trudy delivered the qualification from a real live perspective which enabled me to get a better understanding of the requirements of project management and implement that into my day job.  
Both Trudy and Rod were brilliant tutors who I would recommend to anyone who is interested in getting qualified by people who really do know what they are talking about.  Thanks Trudy and Rod for the opportunity of been tutored by you.
Nikki H-J; Cert IV Project Management 2010

Thanks Nikki, great to have you involved.  Would love to see you in the Diploma!

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Deb has just finished the BSB41507 Certificate IV in Project Management. I love helping people take their next steps in whatever journey they are pursuing.



Cassio has just finished the BSB41507 Certificate IV in Project Management. He is from South America, a qualified engineer but found it difficult to get work in his field. He was selling computers in Myers! A certificate IV in project management helped him get back into his field - fantastic.

Nathan is a project planner and is already very experienced in the project management field. However the BSB41507 Certificate IV in Project Management still gave him things to learn - and it has also helped him in the next step of his career (can I say that online yet Nathan?)!


Nimandra is a compliance manager for a mining company - a very busy lady. Many people don't get time to attend all classes during their studies, which is why I put many video based tutorials on my website. The BSB41507 Certificate IV in Project Management contributes to all levels of experience.


Simone works in government, where there are always many projects on the go. The BSB41507 Certificate IV in Project Management will hopefully help her move from a PA/secretarial role into project management. It's definitely harder, but far more interesting.


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