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The following testimonials give feedback from a broad range of clients and users, each of whom has gained some experience with myself and the tools that I use for the purpose of Information Governance strategies.  Some testimonials refer to Corporate Fingerprint, which was the brand name for the methodology prior to being rebranded as Filesure ®.  Please refer to the announcement regarding rebranding.

Peter is a facilitator in Entrepreneurial studies.
Click here to view some of Peter's shared online knowledge.

Gill is an IT Consultant with Records Management expertise.  Click here to view Gill's site.
Michelle is an MBA qualified accountant and owns her own bookkeeping organisation.
Jei is an IT Manager in a Delivery &
Logistics Management organisation.
Helen is the owner of Workplace Health & Management Solutions. 
Click here
to view Helen's site.
Rodney is Managing Director of National Products Fulfilment.
Maree is an Internet Marketer and owner of an eco-friendly hair salon. 
Click here to view Maree's site.
Lisa is an MBA qualified Business coach.
Click here to view Lisa's site.
Louanne owns and manages several day spas
 Heather is a bookkeeper.