My Mission

My mission is to support the achievement of business goals in my chosen organisation through the development and implementation of outstanding project strategies.

My company, Online Assets, is a Brisbane based company . 

My 20 year history as a Business Analyst and Business Consultant in Australia and the UK has covered a broad range of industries, including Agriculture, Not for Profit, Public Relations, Production/Manufacturing, Construction & Mining and Banking.  Please CLICK HERE to read an informal bio.

How Can I Help You?

What can I provide you with that may help.  What do you need?  Do you know you have a project that is off the rails - a business activity which just isn't right, or something which just can't put your finger on?  Sometimes it's difficult to know what is wrong even though something in business doesn't feel right.  Perhaps you need a little assistance without a major cost - CONTACT ME, let me know the circumstances.  Unfortunately I've had to remove my direct email address links as the 'bots that are online now harvest these addresses and the email I started receiving was not what I want to see.  If you'd rather not use the contact form, please use the discover(@)trudyrobinson.com address.  I'm sure you know how to retype this into a new email and remove the unwanted characters.