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The following testimonials give feedback from a broad range of clients and users, each of whom has gained some experience with myself and the tools that I use for the purpose of Project Management. 

Am finishing my contract with Department of Communities... It's always rewarding to receive positive messages

(well, they have to be nice don't they?)

All the best Trudy.  I have enjoyed working with you and your commitment, despite obstacles encountered, is something I have admired.  (Financial Governance)

Thanks Trudy, I appreciate your email.  I’ve really enjoyed working with you and hope things go well in the future. (CIO)

Hi Trudy, sorry to see you go. I will miss your common sense approach. I hope I get lots of referee calls! (Systems Auditor)


What a surprise it is to receive positive feedback from someone you don't know - but it is always very welcome.

I always say to Project Management students that you can have a project delivered in full, on time, within budget - but it can be a failure based on dissatisfied stakeholders.  Or you can have a project that is over budget and over time, but it is a success because the stakeholders are satisfied and happy.

It's all down to communications.

So, to receive this email out of the blue from an employee I don't even know was fantastic, and it reinforces the above point.

I'll have to find out who Andrew is so I can Manage By Chocolate Frog! (if you don't know what that means I'll explain it to you - or you can wait for the book!)


Hi Trudy  

I have no idea who you are but I wanted to say I really like your Tridata updates, purely as a reader. I have no particular knowledge of or interest in Tridata (though possibly I should have both, I’m not sure) but even so I’ve read both of your updates and found them interesting and informative.

 Project communication is usually agony to read and understand, but your updates have been a rare exception. They’re clearly structured, simply written, use commentary to highlight key points, have a personality and – this is probably the rarest thing – have an emotional position (the “I know this sucks but…” position). It all adds up to a really effective piece of writing.

 I would have sent you this message at the last update, but I thought I’d hang back and see if you maintain your standards! Anyway, nice work. To say I’m looking forward to the next one is overstating things, but I’ll certainly read it when it comes! ;-)


It's always sad when you finish a project - but the fact of the matter is that a project has a defined start and finish date - so we must move on with the next opportunity.

The general nature of projects means that there tends to be frenetic activity to meet deadlines and achieve project outcomes, but the priority must also be to achieve requirements in a manner that works for everyone, whilst having a smile and keeping integrity intact.

Feedback from my peers means a great deal to me and is part of my continuous improvement philosophy.

Rock on the next challenge!


Hey Trudy,

Sad to c u go. I do remember the days when I had to come to u everytime I hit a roadblock and all the reporting you religiously made me do every week!  Thanks for all you help... I will remember u every time I have some mint from my humble veggie patch!
The pleasure is ours to have worked with TR. Hope we can keep in touch. All the best in your next assignment.
Rgrs, Eduardo R
(Project Manager)
Hi Trudy,
Very sad to see you go and all the best for your next assignment (whatever that may be).
Many thanks for your support, outstanding leadership and help. I really enjoyed working with you and would welcome the opportunity to do it again.
Take care, regards Jo S
(Test Manager)
Thanks for everything you have done for the team. It has been our pleasure. Linked in?
Look after yourself and I am sure our paths will cross again soon.
cheers, David
Hellooooo Trudy
A sad day - BUT its been lovely working with you and I wish you the very best in your future endeavours.
Cheers VV :o)
(Training Manager)
Reference from Dave Woodall, non-executive Director of Ergon Energy Ltd and Energex Corporation Ltd, MDof Grainco Australia Pty Ltd and Executive Director of the Abused Child Trust

Phil is a Compliance Manager in a
Steel Fabrication organisation.


John is the Managing Director in a
major agricultural company.


This is a scanned version of a written testimonial from Neumann Contractors, who undertake major construction and dredging projects.

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