What Can I Do For You?

I know I should have the most fantastic sales page right here to greet you with a dozen 'call to action' points.  However, it's obviously missing!   My personal belief is that everyone is 'over' the whole sales page thing, if they irritate me I'm sure they irritate a whole swag of other business people.  Maybe I'm wrong - but at least you're still here and reading this.

So the first thing is to acknowlege what it is that I do and what I can do for you.  I actively work and teach Project Management strategies, I've recently studied the Prince2 methodology.  However that doesn't prove that I can do what I say I can - have a look at Testimonials which has a few and will grow - other testimonials can be provided as required.

The About Me page includes links to a bio and corporate resume.  You'll see that I teach Project Management at an institute in South/East Queensland.  These are mainly adult students already working, often in a Project Management role.  It's great to see simple tools that are provided for their use during training, become customised to their look and feel and be used as an everyday tool in their workplace.  How much better does it get than that - being useful and aiding in someone's development.  I enjoy that.  However I also enjoy the real Project Management world and often take on contracts/assignments - if you have a project that has gone off the rails, or something in business that isn't working well - throw me the challenge to sort it out.

What do I do that you may need?  Well, have a look at the 'about me' page, or better still - see what others have to say in the testimonials.  After all - we tend to believe what others say, rather than what you say about yourself.

I hope to hear from you soon